Product Range

    PETE – HPS designs and manufacturers Transformers of the following types:

  • 132 KV Power Transformers up to 50 MVA.
  • Distribution Transformers.
  • Corrugation Transformers.
  • Furnace Transformers (6 / 12 /24 Pulse).
  • Arc Furnace Transformers.
  • Dry Cast Resin Transformers.
  • Unitized Substation Transformers.
  • VPI Dry Type Transformers.
  • Pad Mounted Transformers
  • Solar PV Boxes
  • Multi-Pulse Transformers
  • Aluminum Wound Transformers
  • Foil Wound Transformers

Catalogues of Standard Products

Our PETE-HPS catalogue allows you to configure and specify the right transformer for your needs. Our team of designers are available to assist you in customizing any of these products if your requirements go beyond our standard products listed in the catalogue.

Induction / ARC Furnace Transformers (6 / 12 / 18 / 24 PULSE) up to 30 MVA:
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Compact Sub-Station with RMU with Oil-Cooled up to 3500 KVA & Compact Sub-Station with Dry Transformers:
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Distribution Transformers up to 5 MVA:
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Dry Type Cast Resin & VPI Transformers up to 20 MVA / 33 / 22 / 11 kV:
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Multi pulse Transformers up to 6 MVA 11 kV:
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Oil Cooled Transformers up to 5 MVA:
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Pad Mounted Transformers:
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Power Transformers up to 50 MVA 132 kV Class:
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PV Box Solar Power Conversion Sub-Station (Modular & Container Type):
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Exclusive Servicing Facilities:
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    PETE - HPS offers an innovative service package TOTAL TRANSFORMER CARE.

  • Annual Maintenance contract for any make any where in India or Abroad.
  • Oil filtering service through conventional and high capacity high vacuum filter.
  • Servicing and Testing on site to improve IR values.
  • Repair and Reconditioning of all types of Transformers of any Make.
  • Stocking whole range of standby transformers for emergency needs of customers.
  • Erection and commissioning of transformers upto 220 KV.
  • Consultancy services on substations.