Our Quality Process

Satisfying customers by providing Transformers of high reliability through a process of continual improvement and thereby benefiting the Society.

HPS-Asia Pacific and its Quality Objectives

  • Increased Emphasis on reliability of Designs
  • Achieving zero failure rate
  • Ensuring strict adherence to laid down quality system standards
  • Employee Motivation through Periodic Training, Review and Rewards

Special Processes for Better Quality

Winding is carried out in a controlled environment, so that dust contamination is eliminated. Special rooms with pressurized clean air blowers are provided for achieving better Quality parameters which enhance the life of the Transformers.

Windings are prestressed with Hydraulic Jacks, before oven drying treatment, thus avoiding failure.

Nylon slings are used to handle for safe operation of core-coil assemblies. Processing of core and coil assembly in vacuum oven which accurately controls the moisture retention in the insulation.

Our Total Quality Management (TQM) Practices

  • Ongoing Training for Workmen, Supervisors and Engineers.
  • Thorough inspection of all incoming materials.
  • Surveillance inspection of sub suppliers work.
  • Specialists / consultants visit and interactions.
  • Upgradation of Equipments continuously.
  • Preventive maintenance of Equipments.
  • Periodic calibration of Test Equipments.
  • Bench marking with best practices in the trade.